Why GarageHop?

A IBM 2011 study found that worldwide, 30% of traffic emissions in cities are due to people looking for parking. In Seattle, on average drivers spend 58 hours a year looking for parking at a cost of over $1K (INRIX parking study). At the same time, King County found that up to 40% of parking spaces in residential buildings are vacant. Based in Seattle, GarageHop partners with property managers & owners to unlock monthly parking spaces where drivers need them. 

Drivers: find, lease and pay online for your parking space and securely access the garage using your smartphone, saving gas and time on your daily parking hunt. With GarageHop, you make sure that you and your carpool friends will always be on time or that you will never miss your bus or train again!

For property owners, we offer a comprehensive solution to increase your net operating income from your parking garage while keeping it secure for your tenants.

For property managers, we make it time-efficient for you to use GarageHop. You list your parking spaces online ; we take care of the rest. We help recruit parkers, provide online background checks, process payment and secure deposits.

We also go a step further than your traditional matchmaking platform because we understand that security and time-efficiency are key for property owners and managers. That is why we offer a secure garage access app that parkers can use to open the garage: 

  1. it makes property managers stop wasting time meeting with parkers to hand the fob or struggling to get it back.

  2. and makes the garage more secure as the access app:

  • provides a real-time access log of the garage,

  • cannot be transferred to strangers the way a fob can (preventing sub-leasing),

  • and can be disabled instantly to deny access to the garage.


Who We Are 


Hélène has a passion for sustainability and efficiency. When faced with the cost of parking inefficiency on drivers, housing and the environment, she decided to co-found GarageHop. She hopes to make it a great day for GarageHop users: helene@garagehop.co.


Jay is convinced that new technologies can disrupt the parking industry and teamed up with Hélène to co-found GarageHop. His experience in software engineering, cloud, and robotics brought you the magic of GarageHop. You can contact him at jay@garagehop.co.


David is GarageHop’s mobile director, bringing you the convenience of a fob on your phone, so now you can access the garage at the tip of your finger.


Chris is the hardware guy you want on your side. He is the mechanical engineer who you turn to when your hardware is unfortunate enough to test the edges of the laws of physics.


John is GarageHop's versatile designer, looking to bring the best user experience. His passion is around helping shape a product from the ground up in a fast iterative process. Ideas to improve the usability of GarageHop welcome!

Daniel is GarageHop's Android expert making your mobile experience a smooth ride to your parking space.