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1) How can I access the garage?

You will use your smartphone to open the garage door. Once you have downloaded the GarageHop app and that your subscription has been validated, your app becomes active.

When approaching the garage, your app will turn from "searching" to "open".  Just click on the "open" button on your app to open the garage door.

In case the "open" button is irresponsive, please close your app, reopen it and try again. For more troubleshooting options, please refer to our Technical help page. 


2) How can I find my space in the garage?

In Eastlake your pre-assigned spaces are marked with a GarageHop sign. However, as garage functions on an unassigned basis for residents, please do not hesitate to park in any convenient space in case those spaces have mistakenly been taken by residents.

Please park preferably on the first level.