1) My app is irresponsive, locked on "searching" mode/the gate does not open when I click "open"

If your access app is not working follow those first resolution steps:

  1. Verify that Bluetooth is enabled.
  2. Close and start Bluetooth again.
  3. Drive closer to the door.
  4. Close and reopen your app.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the app.

If none of those actions work you can still access your car or exit without your phone.

Your car is parked in the garage:

  1. Access the building by using the call box at the main entrance. On the call box type "777" and then press" #" (this is the number assigned to GarageHop). An operator will answer your call and be able to unlock the lobby door remotely. You will be able to access the garage from the inside through the lobby.
  2. Once in the lobby, please proceed to the parking using the elevator not the stairs (stairs will give you access to the commercial part of the garage only).
  3. Exit the garage using the manual override system located on the pillar on the right side of the gate to open the garage.

Our 30-second tutorial video will guide you step-by-step in this process: WATCH

You are outside of the garage and want to park your car: 

  1. Option 1: Park your car in front of the gate and follow the steps to access the building and open the gate from the inside
  2. Option 2: Park on-street or in a public garage or surface lot.

In both cases, please call us or send us a instant message to let us know what happened so we can intervene on-site but most importantly can make it right to you!


2) My phone is out of battery/I don't have my phone with me, how can I access the garage?

As a first contingency step, you might want to keep a car charger for your phone in your car. This is not only helpful to get your phone always ready to use your GarageHop app but also for any glitch that might happen to you while on the road :)

However, we also understand that life is full of surprises and that your phone might die on you without notice. Please follow the same steps as if your app did not work.