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1) What info do I need to provide when leasing a monthly parking space?

To subscribe to the service and lease your space, you need:

  • a compatible smartphone to use the garage access app (iPhone 5 and up and phones running Android 5.0 and up);
  • your license plate number as well as additional information regarding your car;
  • a credit or debit car (which will be processed by our 3rd party provider Square: GarageHop does not process nor store any of your financials information
  • an up-to-date car insurance. 

Some managers may want you to go through a background check. In that case, you will have to provide additional information either online through our third party provider Safely Stay or directly to the property manager during a 15-minute appointment. GarageHop does not process nor store any of the personal information used for the background check.

2) Is the price all-inclusive?

The price displayed is all-inclusive. There is no membership fee to use the service or hidden costs :)

If an application fee is required to run the background check it is displayed as such on the garage page.

3) How long is my lease/ How can I cancel my subscription?

Your lease is month-to-month and renew automatically until cancellation by one of the parties.

You can cancel your subscription online by filling the form on the cancellation subscription page of our website. To be effective at the end of the month, please make sure you send the form 5 business days before the end of the month.


  • You cancelled your subscription online on October 14; your subscription ends on October 31.
  • You cancelled your subscription online on October 28; you still need to pay your November lease and are thus entitled to park until November 30.

The same terms apply to the property manager should he/she needs to take the space back in their residents inventory.