These Terms

I. This Parking Space Lease Agreement (the “Lease”) is made and entered into on the date (the “Effective Date”) the confirmation email (“Confirmation Email”) is sent by GarageHop Inc (Doing Business As or DBA – GarageHop) or its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively, “GarageHop”) to the Driver (the “Lessee”, “you”) who has subscribed to a month-to-month lease of a parking space through or one of Affiliates’ websites, and the Owner, manager or operator (the "Lessor") of the assigned parking space ("the Parking Space"). Lessee and Lessor are collectively known as the “Parties”.

II. GarageHop is the Lessor's agent for the purpose of this Agreement but is not the Lessor. This Agreement is between the Lessee and the Lessor. GarageHop is an intended third party beneficiary of this Agreement but it shall have no obligations to the Lessee or the Lessor under this Agreement. For details of the terms which apply between the Lessee and GarageHop, please see the Terms and Conditions for Parkers (

III. By processing payment for the lease, you hereby declare that the information contained herein is accurate and you have obtained and read carefully a copy of the Parking Rules and Regulations issued by the building and attached to this Agreement. You agree to obey and abide by them, including any amendments thereto duly adopted.

Parking/Vehicle Registration

Your stall number and all relevant information regarding your vehicle (license plate, year, color, model and make) are as per the information given by you, the Lessee when applying for the Parking Space and as specified in the Confirmation Email sent to you by GarageHop.

Parking Option

The Parking Space is a single Parking Space, leased to a non-resident Lessee at the price specified on your confirmation email per month. The rent is subject to change at any time and will be notified through Email or text message to you. Failure to terminate this Agreement following a change in the rent is considered acceptance of the new terms. Each month started is paid in full but for the first month which is pro-rated. Initial access to the garage is provided when the payment has been received.



In order to start parking, you are required to pay First Month. Payment is due the 1st day of each month. Payment received after the 1st day of the month will accrue a $75 late fee. GarageHop will facilitate your payment of the applicable rent on behalf of your Lessor, as such Lessor’s limited payment collection agent. Payment of the Rent in such manner shall be considered the same as payment made directly by you to the Lessor. Parking will be paid online through GarageHop Website or App or to other means specified by GarageHop, and, if relevant, to have this payment sets on a recurring payment mode.

Payment returned or rejected will be charged a $35 Non-Sufficient Fee in addition to a $75 late fee for every day after the 1st day of the month until sufficient payment has been made. If your account has had two (2) NSF notice, it will lead to the termination of the lease without notice.

Access to the garage can be disabled at anytime as soon as there is a lapse in payment. Furthermore, if after several reminders sent and at least a week in delayed payment, payment is not processed and your vehicle is still parked in the garage, your vehicle will be considered unauthorized and subject to towing.


You must notify the building manager immediately, if you registered vehicle information has changed. Any unauthorized vehicles in the parking garage will be towed at the owner’s expense and subject to a $100 violation fee. Garage tenants will be charged a $50 littering/clean up fee for improper disposal of trash.

You represent, warrant and agree you will:

  • keep the Parking Space clean, tidy and clear of rubbish and leave the Parking Space in the same condition as you find it;

  • park the vehicle in the Parking Space without obstructing any adjoining or nearby parking spaces or property and will abide by the “two warning rule” as described in the Violation Reporting Policy posted on the GarageHop Website and App;

  • notify the building manager or GarageHop of any damage to the Parking Space during the Lease Period as soon as it occurs;

  • not conduct any illegal or immoral activity from the Parking Space;

  • not conduct any business or commercial activity whatsoever from the Parking Space;

  • not use the Parking Space for any purpose other than for parking; loitering on the premises is prohibited.

  • maintain insurance on the vehicle as required by applicable law and proof of insurance may be required at anytime by the building manager or GarageHop.

  • maintain the vehicle muffler and exhaust system in working order. Fluid leaks, such as oil and gas must be repaired promptly, and any leaks cleaned up promptly.


You are responsible for any damage your vehicle cause to the building, concrete pavement, other vehicle(s) or person(s) while in the parking facility.


You are not allowed to assign your parking space to another person. The new Tenant needs to apply to a parking space using GarageHop services.


This lease is a month-to-month tenancy starting the 1st day of each month, until such time as it is terminated. You or the building manager may terminate this month-to-month lease by providing a 5 business days notice before the end of the month to the other party. The termination takes effect at the end of the month.

The termination is made by logging on to the GarageHop Website or App and processing the cancellation through the Website or App. Notice of cancellation will be deemed to be received when you receive acknowledgement by GarageHop in a form of a receipt Email or text message.

The building manager may terminate this lease without notice if you have been reported parking in the wrong parking space more than twice, according to the Reporting Violation Policy stated on GarageHop Website and App, or have been in breach with this contract.

CAUTION: remember to lock your vehicle. Do not leave any valuable in your vehicle. Tenants park at their own risk.