914 East Terrace Street (First Hill), Seattle, 98122

Parking Description: Assigned stall in an underground gated garage. Accessible 24/7.

Parking Clearance: 6'5 (entrance).

Vehicles Accommodated: motorcycle (subcompact), compact to mid-size cars (Toyota Camry) ONLY. SUV or trucks are NOT allowed.

Location: First Hill. Minutes away from Swedish First Hill Campus and Seattle U.

Compatible Smartphones: Your smartphone opens the gate to the garage using Bluetooth. GarageHop apps are compatible with iPhone 5 to 8 and most phones running Android 5.0 and up to 7.x. Phones currently incompatible are Google phones Pixel and Nexus running Android 8 and Windows phones.


Monthly Parking $125/Month

Price is all included. No application Fee.

Our risk-free garantee:

1. If you don't like the space you pick once in the garage, just let us know. We will let you switch to any of the spaces currently open in the garage.

2. 24/hour trial with full refund if you don't like the garage.