In order to ensure a smooth parking experience for all users of the parking facility, GarageHop users as well as tenants of the building can use the form to inform us 24/7 of any improper use of the parking, so that our team or the building manager can swiftly intervene to solve the issue. 


Report a parking or maintenance issue

We are sorry that you have to report a parking violation or maintenance issue, such as parking in the wrong space, parking across two spaces or littering. 

Please send an email at In your email please include:

  • 1) your name,

  • 2) a picture of the violation,

  • 3) a clear view of the license plate of the vehicle in violation (if relevant).




Park in the buffer/vacant parking space

If someone is parked in your space, please fill the parking violation report and then proceed to space the vacant spaces listed for your building.

In case a vehicle is already parked in this space, please give us a call (206-489-8078) so we can redirect you to another available space.

Eastlake 2851: any non-GarageHop space on first level of the parking.

Kirkland Crossing: Vacant spaces are GarageHop spaces between #25 and #34.

Residences 3295:  #15 and 92.

Terrace View:  #14.


Please review this page each time you need to use the interim parking space as the space assigned for this purpose is subject to change.